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The foundation of GiaMed’s healthcare staffing experience has been working with government agencies such as the Department of Defense. Our experience includes working with acute care hospitals, outpatient clinics, troop medical clinics, soldier readiness processing sites, and occupational health clinics.

The GiMed team takes the time to understand our clients’ needs, culture, mission, and expectations so that we can formulate effective solutions and implement a plan of action. The staffing services we offer are extensive and include both clinical and behavioral health as identified below.

  • Physicians – all specialty areas
  • Mid-Level Providers (Nurse Practitioners / Physician Assistants) – all specialty areas
  • Registered Nurses – all specialty areas
  • Behavioral Health Professionals (including but not limited to Licensed Clinical Social Workers, Psychiatric Nurse Practitioners, Psychologists, and Psychiatrists)

Our team specializes in the recruitment, screening, qualification, and credentialing processes. We understand the importance of carefully matching an employee’s credentials and skillset to the job requirements and work environment. GiaMed wants every placement to be successful, professionally rewarding and an enjoyable experience for all.

GiaMed has an extensive database of talent that grows daily as we source candidates. We understand time constraints and limited resources our customers have, so we identify, screen, qualify, and process the credentials for qualified candidates in anticipation of a job opening. When a need arises, we are able to expedite the placement of a qualified candidate and start the onboarding process quickly.

We offer the following staffing services:

  • Short-Term Contracts
  • Long-Term Contracts
  • Travel Assignments

By choosing GiaMed, you’re working with an organization that has a solid foundation and can provide seasoned personnel with the knowledge and experience to meet your needs. We look forward to having an opportunity to help you achieve your mission.

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