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Superior Processes

GiaCare understands the importance of providing quality services to its employees and customers. We want to ensure a smooth and thorough process from the beginning to the end of an employment and contract life cycle. Our top-quality and comprehensive processes engage all core members of the GiaCare team. We utilize cutting edge technology in the following key stages:

  • Contract and Project Management
    • Rapid contract implementation
    • Timely and on-going project/contract administration
    • Thorough oversight
  • Recruitment
    • Broad candidate marketing using state of the art tools
    • Thorough behavioral and clinical screening
    • Customer requirements integrated
    • “Right Fit” candidate selection
  • Credentialing
    • Clinical verification
    • Comprehensive and customized document collection including
      • Competency testing
      • Background checks and drug testing
      • Regulatory requirements
      • Healthcare requirements
      • Customer specific requirements
    • Parallel processes to ensure rapid credentialing
  • Accurate Billing and Payroll
    • Customized timesheets
    • Electronic invoicing
  • Performance Management / Retention
    • Ongoing communication and management of employees
    • Management of contract requirements
    • Timely reporting
  • Risk Management
  • Quality Assurance
    • Ongoing management of credentials and healthcare requirements
    • Audit and Review

The GiaCare team holds themselves to high standards. We engage our employees and customers by learning and understanding their needs, deadlines, and challenges so that we can carefully and successfully match the right employee with the right position. It is our attentiveness to detail, thoroughness, flexibility, and open mindedness, that helps cultivate our positive relationships. The GiaCare team continually seeks out ways to improve and simplify our processes so that your experience with us is positive and painless.

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